9 MORE Fun Activities to do During Shelter-in-Place

  1. No March Madness? Have a Scrabble tournament. Or Bananagrams. Pictionary, anyone?
  2. Get into baking with “The Great British Baking Show,” but your technical challenge is baking something with the ingredients you have on hand (that you didn’t already use in the charcuterie board).
  3. Indoor scavenger hunt.
  4. Alternate reading the Harry Potter series with your kids and cap each one off with the movie.
  5. Dye your hair a new color. No one else needs to see it if you don’t like it. (Kool-aid packets can be used for temporary dye!)
  6. Read Robert Jordan’s 14-book “Wheel of Time” series before it streams on Amazon starring Rosamund Pike.
  7. Write a play starring your loved ones. Perform it via a video call app.
  8. Go viral (in the good, clean way) by making a quarantine-themed TikTok.
  9. Rearrange your sock drawer. Really.

Thanks to usatoday.com for many ideas on this list!

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