Annual Neighborhood Picnic

Andy rock paper scissors

I defeated the Chief of Police in the 2015 Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of Champions. This epic event took place at our Annual Neighborhood Picnic that I organize.

Every year, on a magical Tuesday evening, 200-300 neighbors gather for dinner together. Some bring dishes to share for the potluck. Others enjoy trying the special dishes from the popular food trucks. There’s even a dessert truck to satisfy your sweet tooth! There’s nothing like ice cream on a warm summer evening.

Food has a way of bringing people together to share a meal. I’ve noticed that some people prefer the potluck because they like to share a dish and try others’ dishes. They like to talk about their recipes, too. Others like the convenience of made-to-order food. They can just show up after work with their kids and not worry about cooking and cleaning. In either case, it’s nice to sit down and share a meal with neighbors.

Our community is fortunate to receive tremendous support from the Los Altos Police and Santa Clara Fire Departments. Chief of Police, Tuck Younis, enjoys coming to meet the neighbors and he invites several officers and staff to meet them. The fire engines, police cars and motorcycles are always a hit with kids (of all ages). Sometimes Lord, the Los Altos Police Dog, comes to the party with his partner, Officer Julie, too.

When they’re not sitting in the fire engine or turning on the flashing lights on the police motorcycles, the kids love being able to run around and play with each other. Some head straight for the play structures while others play leap-frog or soccer on the grass. The grown-ups enjoy sitting and catching up with each other about their summer vacations. There are a few long time neighbors that have a mini-reunion, too. They raised their kids in the neighborhood many years ago and they love to share about their adult children and grand-kids now.

While not all neighborhoods have such large events, most neighborhoods will have some kind of gathering. If yours doesn’t, contact me and I can give you some tips to get started!


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