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  1. What Drives Value?
  2. What Drives Value?
  1. Right School, Right Home
  2. Right School, Right Home
  1. Win the Home
  2. Win the Home
  1. Mayberry
  2. Mayberry
What Drives Value?
Right School, Right Home
Win the Home

What Drives Value?

Schools are the #1 Value Driver in this market but the school boundaries don’t match the city boundaries! Andy can demystify this confusion and help you choose the right schools for your family.

Los Altos & Los Altos Hills $/Sq Ft
Mountain View $/Sq Ft
Sunnyvale $/Sq Ft
High Schools $/Sq Ft

Right School, Right Home

School districts in Los Altos, Mountain View and Sunnyvale

You could be in Mountain View with Los Altos schools or be in Los Altos with Cupertino schools. Each color represents a different city and school district combination.

Meet with Andy to learn more about the subtle differences among the various schools and neighborhoods.

WIN the Home

Win the Right House at the Right Price

Use the arrow buttons at the bottom to move through the slide presentation.

Reviews & Testimonials

Amazing (Sold During SIP)

5 Star Review

“Andy and his team were **amazing**. They make you feel like you are their only client and thought of every detail on our behalf.

During a Pandemic and Shelter-in-Place (Sold During SIP)

5 Star Review

Andy led us through both a purchase and sale of a home in the context of a pandemic and mandated shelter-in-place. He provided expertise and gave advice.

We Sold This Home For Almost $1 Million Over The Asking Price!

5 Star Review

Andy is the best realtor I could ever imagine working with. I trust his judgment completely and I have hard evidence to prove that he knows what he’s doing.


Do you remember the Andy Griffith show set in the fictional town of Mayberry?

Where is the Mayberry of Silicon Valley?

The Mayberry of Silicon Valley

This is a community characterized by a strong sense of community, tight knit neighborhoods, and strong family values. The schools offer a well-rounded education without being an academic pressure cooker.

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