Case Studies of Decreased Demand

One of my Buyers fell in love with a home but didn’t make an offer because they didn’t think they could compete with other Buyers. After the offer deadline passed, I contacted the Seller’s agent to learn that only one offer came in and it was declined because it was to low. I contacted my Buyer right away and within a few hours, we made our offer and GOT THE HOUSE – for a lot less than they thought they would have to pay in a multiple offer situation.

My Sellers needed to sell their beautiful home for a certain amount of money. In this shifting market, they didn’t feel confident that underpricing the home would result in a bidding war that would yield a price that met their expectations. Instead, we priced it just above what they needed. After a 3 week marketing blitz which included social media and other online marketing campaigns, we generated several interested Buyers but no one was willing to make an offer. Finally, an offer came in. It was a low but I was able to negotiate it up to an acceptable price WITH very favorable terms for my Seller.


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