Represented Sellers

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Great to Work With

Andy and his team were great to work with. They were extremely patient with us and expertly helped move us…
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339 Hawthorne Ave, Los Altos

Detail of Care

As I had no idea how to go about preparing and selling a house, I needed a broker who would…
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1120 Kensington Ave, Sunnyvale

Dream Come True

The process of selling a home is complex, nerve racking and stressful. The home owner wants to know that their…
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1117 Robin Way, Sunnyvale

We’re Very Happy

It was a pleasure working with Andy and his team. They’re professional, pleasant, and easy to work with. The entire…
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27300 Deer Springs Way, Los Altos

Insights and Diligence

We’ve appreciated your insights, suggestions, and diligent work. It’s very clear that you put a lot of heart and follow-through…
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