Couldn’t Have Asked for More

405 Hedgerow Ct, Mountain View

5 Stars

Andy is an amazing realtor — I quite literally couldn’t have asked for more. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the home realty process from both the selling and the buying end, including everything from disclosure considerations to the most subtle but very real aspects of selling a home. He excels at negotiation yet also has (and adheres to) a strict moral compass for both the seller and the buyer, ultimately resulting in an extremely smooth process when an agreement is reached and both parties being very happy with the results. Added to all of the above is that Andy is personable, warm and fun. In our particular case, the result was a collection of excellent offers and a final result that far exceeded my expectations (which were somewhat high to start with). I couldn’t recommend Andy more highly.

– Barry H.
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The Andy Advantage

HyperLocal Expertise—My depth of knowledge in this community gives my clients the advantage. I am deeply invested in this local community.

Successful Track Record—14 years and hundreds of transactions gives me experience to guide you through a smooth transaction because I anticipate problems before they happen.

High Personal Attention To Detail—You get Andy, not the “minions.”