Exceeded Our Prior Experiences

350 San Domingo Way, Los Altos

5 Stars

We have bought and sold real estate across the nation for over thirty years. The support, expertise and resourcefulness that we received from Andy far exceeded any of our prior experiences.

Andy responded immediately providing direction to every detail and to every procedure required by Santa Clara County and by California. Our every question was honored and quickly resolved.

Our arriving from Nevada to sell the 50 year old home of parents required extreme diligence. A 2000 square foot attic filled to the brim had to be cleaned out, as well as, a full home of furniture. The home physically needed attention, as well.

Andy and his team provided the contacts and the professionals that quickly came to our rescue.

Landscaping, repairs, painting, and new carpet were all arranged by Andy and his team. A transformation occurred! We did not have to search for contractors nor try to arrange scheduling during this difficult period of time during the SIP.

Andy’s marketing skills and creative ideas shined as the house went on the market. Everything was in order. All inspections completed. One week after listing on MLS we had an amazingly clean offer which was above the asking price.

We are so thankful that a friend in Nevada knew Andy personally and recommended that we contact him. He and his team were certainly a blessing for us.

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The Andy Advantage

HyperLocal Expertise—My depth of knowledge in this community gives my clients the advantage. I am deeply invested in this local community.

Successful Track Record—14 years and hundreds of transactions gives me experience to guide you through a smooth transaction because I anticipate problems before they happen.

High Personal Attention To Detail—You get Andy, not the “minions.”