Safety in Mayberry

Neighborhood Watch groups are common and tend to unite the neighbors. Many communities participate in the “Neighborhood Night Out” in conjunction with their local police departments. I’ve been a volunteer Neighborhood Watch Leader in Los Altos for many years and I feel very safe within the Mayberry of Silicon Valley. The police are very friendly and community-oriented yet they are tough on the bad guys.

Los Altos was safer than 64% of the cities in the US in 2015. One interesting fact about Los Altos is that there are almost no streetlights in town – especially on residential streets. I thought this was odd when I first moved here. However, once I saw all the shining stars at night, I understood why. It’s one of the things that makes this small town so charming. Sometimes after a long day, I take my dog for a walk – it’s good for both of us! Most of the time, I run into other neighbors enjoying the outdoors, too. I organize an annual summer picnic in conjunction with the Los Altos Police. The Chief of Police brings out motorcycles and cars for kids to play on. Would you believe that 300+ people attend? It’s a lot of fun!

The Town of Los Altos Hills was safer than 74% of the cities in the US in 2015. It is the smallest town in Mayberry and the housing is considered very low density. Homes are spread out across typically 1+ acre lots. Some of the homes are in flat areas whereas others are perched on hills with scenic views. There are typically no streetlights in Los Altos Hills. While most residents have become adept at driving on long, windy roads in the dark, my guess is that the bad guys avoid Los Altos Hills because they don’t want to get lost when they are trying to make a fast getaway.

The City of Mountain View was safer than 33% of the cities in the US in 2015. However, not all neighborhoods are the same within the same city. My favorite neighborhoods are Cuesta Park, Waverley Park, and Varsity Park. They are characterized by mostly single family homes in well established neighborhoods with friendly neighbors and strong schools. The neighborhoods in these areas feed into the Los Altos Schools or the top schools in Mountain View. Many of the families are connected to each other through the local public schools. There are also many community groups that are organized by volunteer neighborhood associations.

The City of Sunnyvale was safer than 48% of the cities in the US in 2015. One thing that makes this city progressively unique is that the police officers and firefighters are cross-trained in Sunnyvale. This makes for a well coordinated effort to ensure the safety of its citizens. As the biggest city in Mayberry, Sunnyvale has a mix of residential, commercial, and light industrial areas. The neighborhoods within area code 94087 are mostly residential. Some of my favorite neighborhoods are close to top schools (e.g. West Valley, Cherry Chase, Cumberland, etc) and great parks (e.g. Ortega Park, Las Palmas Park, Serra Park, etc). Don’t miss the annual 4th of July Tricycle Parade in Las Palmas Park – it’s been going on for decades.

Crime Statistics Source: Neighborhood 12/15/2015


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