We Sold This Home For Almost $1 Million Over The Asking Price!

The House Sold for 30% Over List Price!

5 Stars

Andy is the best realtor I could ever imagine working with. I trust his judgment completely and I have hard evidence to prove that he knows what he’s doing. He helped us find the right neighborhood for our family. When we first went to see the house we ended up buying, he told me what he thought the house would sell for. I ended up buying it for exactly that amount after a bidding war – there were 10 bids on the house. He had uncanny insight into what the other people were bidding so I was able to place the highest bid without overpaying.

When we sold the same house, I used him again. He picked a price that I thought might be a bit low but I trusted him and I’m glad I did. The price solicited 13 bids and Andy worked those bids to extract the maximum price. The house sold for 30% over list price! He had good judgement and advice throughout the process.

He’s trustworthy, smart, a great negotiator, has a great team of support professionals to offload the whole process so you can focus on your work while he’s doing everything needed to negotiate the best price for your home. Super highly recommended.

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The Andy Advantage

HyperLocal Expertise—My depth of knowledge in this community gives my clients the advantage. I am deeply invested in this local community.

Successful Track Record—14 years and hundreds of transactions gives me experience to guide you through a smooth transaction because I anticipate problems before they happen.

High Personal Attention To Detail—You get Andy, not the “minions.”